Say Goodbye to a Gummy Smile with Botox Lip Injections

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Say Goodbye to a Gummy Smile with Botox Lip Injections

When lips rest higher on the gums, they can appear to be out of proportion to your teeth, giving off the look of a “gummy smile.” Here at Smile Horizons Dental Arts, Dr. Hytham Elwi and his dedicated partners specialize in a special botox lip procedure that can restore your beautiful smile in just one treatment.

Understanding the “Root” Cause of Gummy Smile

Our gums, also known as gingiva, are the soft tissue that covers the bones of our mouth and teeth. They also form a tight seal around our teeth to hold them in place and prevent bacteria from getting in. However, a condition called “gingival hypertrophy” causes gums to become oversized, thus creating a “gummy smile”.

This overgrowth can be caused by different things, such as a reaction to some medications. One can elect to have this problem surgically corrected. Gummy smiles can also be caused by other conditions such as:

  • Hyperactive or short upper lips
  • An oversized upper jaw
  • Hidden or small teeth that show more gingiva

How Botox Can Treat Gummy Smiles

Botox injections are a non-surgical, well-tolerated, quick, light-touch procedure that allows you to experience harmonious facial aesthetics. Dr. Elwi injects the botox using a fine needle into the specific sites. The gel works as a “neuromodulator” by interfering with signals that instruct your muscles to contract.

This means that the muscles responsible for a gummy smile become relaxed, easing tension in the upper lip allowing your smile to cover more gums. In a sense, your smile tightens to normal proportions by relaxing specific muscles.

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After treatment, it’s typical for results to last up to three months or more. However, maintenance injections are needed to help maintain cosmetically symmetrical results. But over time, these touch-up appointments become less frequent.

Also, there’s no downtime after the injection, so you can comfortably return to work or any other activities right away. Treatment involves very little discomfort, and side effects such as tenderness are greatly reduced after several sessions.

Your Gummy Smile Can Be a Distant Memory

Learn more about how Botox can treat your gummy smile and give you the beautiful smile you rightfully deserve. Contact Smile Horizon’s Dental Arts today at (905) 607-8778 or visit us at 3145 Dundas St. W Unit 13, Mississauga, ON L5L 5V8 to schedule your consultation with Dr. Elwi.

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